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ICERD Casual Racism Project (Part 2 – Illustration #1 and #2)

The illustrations were a break from my usual watercolor. I went digital this round largely due to the time-constraint and also the fact that digital is easier for editing purposes.

Click on the illustration to link to the article it is based on.

Was This a Compliment or Insult?

This was based on the idea that compliments can sometimes unintentionally (or even intentionally) be insulting to the recipient. So I included some creepy elements like flowers that bite or floating eyeballs. It was a fun illustration to work with despite the darker message behind it.

You Don’t Look Singaporean

I used some Singaporean icons like the Merlion head, stars and crescent moons, the colors red and white to represent how people may sometimes discriminate others who don’t fit some kind of imaginary ‘Singaporean mould’.

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