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ICERD Casual Racism Project (Part 2 – Illustration #5 and #6)

Love in Any Language

This was one of the lighthearted, happier pieces with no sad undertones. I enjoyed putting together people of all different races and cultures, including our iconic Singapore Girl from SIA and the Raffles Hotel doorman. It was an eye opener for me that within different languages themselves, depending on how the words are written, ‘Love’ has different connotations. For instance, the Tamil word ‘Love’, depending on how it is written, can mean ‘romantic love’ or ‘friendship’ (in this case)!

What’s in a Name?

This piece too, carried only a happy message; that we carry within our unique names our heritage, culture and beautiful stories behind them. Local delights, traditional games, and all other sorts of shared traditions are interwoven to make us uniquely Singaporean.

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