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Painting-by-Not-Every-Number During Covid lockdowns…

Technically, we’re not really in a full lockdown at the moment… But we’re strongly encouraged to stay home, with gatherings of no more than two people outside a day..

Kids were home doing their HBL and usually rushed to complete their assignments by mid-morning so they had a whole day to themselves… So we kept quite a few art and craft supplies at hand…

These count-by-numbers kits struck me as really intimidating and tedious at first… The numbers are absolutely tiny…!

Probably a size 6-7 font..?

But the paints are all conveniently pre-mixed into tiny little pots..

So it’s really quite easy for my kids and me to paint those great masterpieces! Hehheee…

With a little personal touch…

Hellooo there…! Doesn’t that look like our pet hamster..??

Renamed “Invasion of the Sunflowers”.

Yes, indeed they are our hamsters! Tang Yuan and Boba (on the left, who is now no longer with us but still dwelling among Vangogh’s fiery flowers and an endless supply of sunflower seeds…!)

Hope you like it!

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